Mar 4, 2013


Hello again, blogworld -- I have not seen you since February! Over this past weekend I went on a trip to Indianapolis, Indiana, for the IUPUI "Last Chance" tournament. It was the first year they were offering our circuit form, so it was interesting. I hadn't debated in a while, though, so for the first two rounds I was wa-aaaa-ay too nervous and didn't do particularly well. But the last two rounds, I scored first and second on speaker rankings! (The majority of people reading this will have no idea at all what I'm talking about -- if you want to know, look up college parliamentary debate. Explaining it would take too long and you'd bawl with boredom, even though I can talk for hours about it!) So, we were in Indianapolis and the picture above is the view from my hotel window (which I could hardly look out, because I'm terrified of heights)! We were on the eighth floor of this hotel and the view was of the capitol building. Crazy awesome, right? Not only was the view great, so were the rooms -- so great, in fact, I pampered myself with a hot bath. Too bad we were only there for a night. So, I got myself a new suit for competitions, but I didn't have any time to take pictures of it! Darn. Instead, I took a bunch of blurry pictures (my camera isn't good without its tripod), so enjoy them instead:

 Hopefully I'll get back on track with my blogging schedule soon (and, perhaps, with a camera update, because this one is just not cutting it for me at this time -- especially with my new overwhelming need to take pictures of everything!)

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