Mar 26, 2013


Things have been pretty crazy lately. Well, I feel like they’ve been pretty crazy, although I know some people would disagree. You’re just a lazy person that procrastinates, Kay. Yeah, pretty much. But, still. 

I had two Philosophy exams on Monday (I got a 96 on one of them -- but that 96 did not come easily!), got a job offer that I need to accept (I’m afraid of phones, so…), need to fill out an apartment form for my move, and I need to finish the fabulous Bioshock Infinite, because… you know… that’s so important (and totally not helping with my procrastination right now). 

While all these things are awesome (well, kind of), they do not give me anything remotely interesting to blog about and they make me tired and cranky, which makes me not want to go out in the cold and take outfit pictures. So, instead, enjoy a song I’ve been listening to on repeat lately and I sincerely hope everyone is having a better week than I am!

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