Mar 12, 2013


So, today is officially the first day of my college's spring break! This would be absolutely fantastic, if it weren't for the fact that... spring doesn't start for another week or two. Oh well. That just means Aaron and I have to be more creative in finding our little taste of "vacation". For day one of Spring Break (sounds like a bad war movie), we decided to do some shopping! (Or, well... I decided to do some shopping.) We started our day at Goodwill -- yippee! -- where I found a pair of two-toned oxfords and a high-collared poofy shirt (which I've been wanting). Spent $21. Gotta love Goodwill. Then we went to the mall that's about an hour or so away -- which is always a bad idea with us, because we're both directionally challenged, and I don't know if you know any directionally challenged individuals, but... traveling with them is no fun. We made it, though -- alive. And Aaron ended up finding this really cool vest and I got a new dress (pics coming soon -- duh!), necklace, scarf, and perfume. All but one thing I tried on had a bird print. Jeepers, I'm becoming obsessed! To top off the day, we went and saw Oz, The Great and Powerful, because Aaron is a huge Oz nut, which is fine by me -- it was a pretty good movie! I recommend it, just not in 3D. 

That was... not a great idea.

So, here's the outfit for today: striped long-sleeved point-collared shirt, bird print dress, and a yellow cardigan. Crazy? Well, it was just one of those days. I really loved that way the repeating patterns seemed to balance each other out -- or maybe that's just me trying to come up with excuses for why I enjoyed wearing this so much today. (And it certainly had nothing to do with the positive comments I got from store clerks about "my style".) (By the way: ignore the hair... I apparently don't style my hair on lazy Spring Break days.)

striped shirt a la Forever 21 (here)
dress is from delia's (similar fit)
cardigan is Charlotte Russe
Boots are Modcloth (check earlier posts)
belt is Charlotte Russe

Also, I've read several times that bloggers look "too moody" when they take outfit pictures. And, I'll admit, I totally do the "stare into space, act like you're a poet" look, but I'd just like to share this picture because it cracks me up. Dogs don't care about your poet pouts, they just want love!

What are your plans for Spring Break, or spring in general?
Vacation, work, finals-cramming-craziness?

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