Mar 18, 2013


Well, classes were back in session today! Fortunately or unfortunately, I'm not quite sure yet. I couldn't remember how to do a single problem in my Symbolic Logic class and I missed the majority of the Batman discussion in my Ethics class (I am so terribly sad about that -- I love comic books!). I wasn't in the best of moods today for two reasons: 1. I was terrified my car was going to break down mid-way to class (it was in the shop last week), and 2. I hadn't finished much homework over break. Kay, you don't finish much homework over normal weeks. Shoosh. I know! But, hey, I still have high marks, good enough for me. So, to make myself feel better today, I dressed in a striped skirt I haven't had the chance to wear yet, my pretty scarf (which I bunched up too high in these pictures, bleh), and a red cardi. I loved the look, mostly because it was really, really comfy. And I'm wearing the earrings my mom got me, which make me happy primarily because they're cute, but they also match my bird-mania! And... I'm all about bird-mania this lifetime.

I'm totally still trying to get a hold on my new camera, can you tell?
It keeps focusing on the wrong things and I cannot tell on the tiny screen!
Time to pull out the manual again!

Skirt: JC Penney (old); Cardigan: Charlotte Russe; Shirt: Goodwill; Scarf: Rue21; Shoes: thrift; Earrings: a gift

Twirls are good for you, did you know? (Unless you get motion sick, like me.)
Also, has anyone else noticed JC Penney doesn't have a "skirts" area in Juniors on their website?

Anyway, yeah, happy back to school day for me!
I hope everyone else had a great Money -- now, when it Friday?

Thanks for reading!

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