Sep 27, 2013


Hello again, Blog World! 

It is I, Kay, back from her travels in Lazyville, where all ideas and ambitions go to die. Thankfully, I caught a bus out of Lazyville and am now trying to get back into blogging -- because, well, it's fun, right? 

Update: I have spent the last couple of months doing an assortment of things. For starters -- this summer -- as I think I mentioned maybe once or twice in prior posts (from, like, a million years ago), I was working in a factory. Factory life did nothing for my creativity -- whether in clothing or otherwise -- and jeans and t-shirts had become my default. Nothing wrong with that, just not what I enjoy wearing.  Unless I'm going somewhere super early, which is what I was doing for work. I finished working there in August and have now been attending my new college for about two months (give or take, considering mid-terms are over the next week or two). College has been fun, but I've definitely been in a style and creativity funk since the factory. Over the last few days, I've started feeling a lot better and wanting to dress up and write and take pictures and all the other stuff I used to do!

So, that was a little update on the last few months (I can swear to you: nothing really happened anyway -- it was far from interesting) and now I'd like to talk about forward. I want to do a few more things on this blog, not just photography. So, this is my plans for the next month:
  • Reviews -- I'd like to start doing a review post every couple of months, whether it be a book or a movie or something similar. I've been proofreading the heck out of published material since I was a kid (my brain melts when I find a typo in a published book), so I think I want to try it out.
  • A Picture A Day -- I am thinking about starting something coming up in the next few months, here on my blog, involving one picture a day. It will be a combined post, probably on Fridays, in which I'll share five pictures of something I've noticed throughout the week that made me super happy when I saw it (such as: particularly beautiful graffiti, a gorgeous tree, ...squirrels, because they are so awesome). Things like that. 
  • TV Shows -- I have gotten into TV shows super bad lately. Supernatural is my new obsession. I can't get enough. I love it. (Well, I love Castiel, so there's that.) So, yeah, not really something changing on here, but I'm going to be referencing TV shows wa-aaaaa-ay too much. Look forward to it.
So, yeah, just a few things I've been thinking about. Over the next week or so, I'm going to be fixing some of the problems with my current layout (I did not edit that wardrobe quite the way I thought I edited it and is the color of the wood too bright? Blah) and sharing some pictures I took over the summer and the beginning of the school year.

And, if you're too lazy to read any of the above, because I have finger-vomit at the moment, just know this: I'M BACK! YIPPEE! HOORAY! AWESOME. 

May 20, 2013


"You don't love seasons, you just love the idea of seasons." 

I think that just about sums up how I feel about seasons, primarily winter and summer. When it's cold out, I love the idea of summer. When it's hot out, I love the idea of winter. Although, I must admit, snow always makes me rather giddy, unfortunately... it's 90 degrees out right now, on a near-daily basis, and there's little to no sign of snow. Hot weather doesn't really motivate me, either -- it just makes me lazy, tired, depressed, and hot. I'm one of those people that could overheat on a 60 degree cloudy day... yup, that's me! So, anyway, the weather is hot and I'm just lacking any and all motivation to dress up in the mornings (the five o'clock alarm doesn't help either, clearly) nor to really take pictures of people. That's my little summary of why I've been lacking in outfit posts lately -- laziness. Sad, but true. Sorry! 

May 13, 2013


So... what's my favorite zoo animal ever?


And here's an entire post devoted to them!

So, feel some otter love for me!
(Although I couldn't add the gif I wanted to in...
Photoshop doesn't like me very much, apparently.)

May 12, 2013


I've finally started settling down in my new apartment and new town (I'll call it Btown)! I got this nifty little apartment with my mother, her boyfriend, and my little brother Sammy (he's seven). The place is huge. Five or six bedrooms, big kitchen, two bathrooms, and the magnificent porch above (which is gorgeous, I love it, and it looks fantastic in pictures, right?). Other than that, I started my new job. I work in a factory making catheters, but it's actually not bad. I sit at a counter for about eight hours listening to books on tape (currently on The Shipbreaker) and working. It's not bad. I did have a ton of blisters, cuts, and burns on my hands this week, but hopefully I'll just get used to it and it won't be so bad! Having quite a bit of fun in Btown, getting to see my old friends (I attended one of the high schools here for a year and a half, but ended up moving back home before my Senior year) and hanging out. 

This outfit was from last weekend. It was the last of the outfit pictures taken by Aaron. He went back home Monday (which is five hours away), which is sad, but it'll be just fine! We went to see Oblivion (which I really recommend, I loved it!) and I wore this: a polka-dot skirt with a red sweater over a white shirt and my favorite thrifted shoes! 

May 11, 2013


Ah, warthogs. The Phantoms of the animal kingdom --
the maskless wielders of the ugly stick. 

I, personally, think warthogs are really, really cool.
Especially the way they sit on their knees to snort around in the dirt.
And that long, luscious back hair. Braid-worthy.

But, in all seriousness: warthogs are cool.
As are the other zoo mammals -- check 'em out!

What did I say about the knee thing?

These prairie dogs were just being fed --
they were yippin' and squackin' all over the place!
They'd jump in the air on their hind legs
and squeal. It was adorable!

I forgot what these guys are called, but they're pretty much pigs with quills.

Lions and tigers -- oh my! (But, apparently, no bears!)

Loved the camels! Really pretty!
Aaron was just like, "Them floppy humps."
Way to ruin the moment.

Caps lock gets my point across better, right?

These guys are Takins. The one at the front, I believe, is Kong,
and the one right behind is Mulan --
they just had a baby!
See him in the back? 
The zoo was holding a contest to name him! 

Anyway, the above guys were super cool!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for visiting!

May 10, 2013


The above delightful creature scared me half to death --
I didn't realize he was staring at the back of my head
(from, like, a foot away and behind a wall)!

So, anyway, I love birds, if you couldn't tell already.
But zoo birds are a totally different story --
I don't know if they freak me out or if I love them.
(Especially the peacocks, which run around all wild-like.)

Here are some bird pictures!

May 9, 2013


Please ignore how dirty my beautiful baby car is... its been a long winter.

I'm back!