Obviously, I’m like a boss. Is that expression too old yet?
(Seriously, that is how 99% of my pictures look. You rarely see the 99%.)

Hey! I'm Kay! I'm a twenty-one year old Philosophy and Political Science major (Creative Writing minor) with hopes of going to law school someday (although I'd settle for being an author!). I am currently attending IU and having a pretty good time of it, I must say, although the move has caused me to face the truth: I suck at socializing. Oh well, I'm still trying. I am a YA romance junkie, a photography nerd (o'course), a philosopher (snooze -- that's too obvious!), a debater, theatre nut, musical obsessor (NEWSIES! WICKED! LES MISERABLES! OH MY! Eat your heart out), and motor-mouth. While I can talk your ear off for hours, I am also unbearably shy sometimes -- I can barely talk on the phone, even emailing makes me nervous, so getting to know people in the blogging world is going to be super tough, but absolutely worth it, I'm sure!

If you want to know more about me -- or just want to chit-chat -- let me know! I really do (secretly) love talking to new people. 

Also, heads up, glossary of individuals/places/thing mentioned on my blog:
  • Aaron: Partner-in-crime and partner-in-life. Three years and counting!
  • Sofia: B-town buddy. We're dorks. With cameras.
  • Pets: Kiki (rat), Ratty (boy-rat), Fatty (guinea pig), Butterscotch/Butter/Buttface (Aaron's family dog, yellow lab), and Ruby/Rubyscotch/Depression Puppy (Aaron's family's other dog, black lab). 
  • Union: Kind of the congregation zone on campus.
  • Factory: In the summer of 2013, I worked in a factory making catheters. 
  • B-Town/IU: Look them up. I don't want to explicitly say here on my blog. 
More to come...