Mar 31, 2013


It's Easter -- the day for egg hunts, candy, and yummy meals (anything except ham, please -- yuck). I'm not going to take up too much of your precious time on this day of festivities, but here's my Easter Day outfit. I chose bright colors to compliment the day -- and, look, I've got an egg... which isn't painted... and I just pulled it out of the fridge. My bad. I haven't painted eggs in years, sadly. Enjoy.

Mar 30, 2013


M / Tu / W / Th / F

This cute eShakti corset style dress is covered in little hopping bunnies! What's better than that for the upcoming bunny-inspired weekend? You could blend into the festivities aisle at your local chain store! (I would take that opportunity to jump out and scare small children... I mean... What?)

Ugh. If only I was fifteen years younger and could wear toddler sizes -- I would have everything from Little  Goodall's etsy shop! I would live and breath in this bunny jacket -- or even the owl one! All of them are just adorable.

I fell in love with these shoes at Modcloth -- in all the colors, but these pastel-y green ones are absolutely cute. I love the buckles and... just... they're perfect. Pastel for a bunny weekend? I think so.

Bunny necklace! I love this wood one from the etsy shop Nicola and the Newfoundlander. It's adorable and has a very fairy tale-esque feel to it. It reminded me of the Velveteen Rabbit when I saw it! (I loved that story as a kid.)

Obligatory Doctor Who mention on here, since the second half of the season airs tonight! So excited! Anyone else totally going crazy over it right now? Anyway, I'm a big fan of the DW aliens -- Cybermen are awesome, although Daleks are my favorite. But this shirt totally made me giggle like an insane person.

Anyway, bunny inspired items for a bunny weekend.
Got any awesome outfit plans? Dressing up like a rabbit?
(I know I would if I could.)

Mar 29, 2013


The weather might have hit 50 today! Maybe. It felt like it! Especially in the sun -- which (gasp!) was out. Finally. I've been getting real sick of this weather real fast -- I'm through, I'm done, I'm finished. And, with the weather being so nice, Aaron and I decided to take a nice little walk down to the community center to take pictures by the woods and their fence (which I think is pretty nifty looking). I played my video game till late last night -- My name is Kay and I'm addicted to Bioshock Infinite -- and didn't get up to pretty late in the day today, so... pretty much all I've done today is take a walk. Oh, life is so hard. Anyway, in lieu of the good weather, I decided to go the route of shorts (which wasn't the most weather-conscious decision, but whatever) and my hand-me-down polo sweater (which, a few years back, I kept calling my "polio shirt" 

WARNING: Butt-tons of pictures coming up.
I had wa-aaaaa-ay too much fun with the camera.

Mar 26, 2013


Things have been pretty crazy lately. Well, I feel like they’ve been pretty crazy, although I know some people would disagree. You’re just a lazy person that procrastinates, Kay. Yeah, pretty much. But, still. 

I had two Philosophy exams on Monday (I got a 96 on one of them -- but that 96 did not come easily!), got a job offer that I need to accept (I’m afraid of phones, so…), need to fill out an apartment form for my move, and I need to finish the fabulous Bioshock Infinite, because… you know… that’s so important (and totally not helping with my procrastination right now). 

While all these things are awesome (well, kind of), they do not give me anything remotely interesting to blog about and they make me tired and cranky, which makes me not want to go out in the cold and take outfit pictures. So, instead, enjoy a song I’ve been listening to on repeat lately and I sincerely hope everyone is having a better week than I am!

Mar 23, 2013


Found these lovely re-purposed collar (and/or cardigan) clips at Rebeccas Finds on Etsy. I've been dying for some collar clips like these. I have so many collared shirts that just look bleh and really need something. Collar clips just might be the way to go! I'm definitely going to get myself some of these (especially leaf-shaped ones!) in time for summer!

Ah, the joys of surfing Anthropologie, where I can find things -- like this swimsuit -- that will most likely be far beyond my price range (or size), but, still, I dream of owning them. I do have a swimsuit similar to this one -- the Bathing Beauty One Piece in Wine from Modcloth -- but, of course, I'm still searching for a swimsuit that fits me just a tad better. One pieces never really fit me well, but that's what makes finding the perfect one (that does fit better than well) feel so great!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but I'm moving come May (or June) and have been eyeing bedroom accessories and things. I'm absolutely in love with this Blue Otomi Bedspread that I found on a few weeks ago, even if it is so beyond my price range... it's not even funny! I'm definitely on the look out for something interesting and unique, with abstract animal prints. (Ikea might be my best bet for such a specific look, though!)

Just looking at this blog for a few seconds could tell anyone that I'm absolutely obsessed with dresses. Not only that, I'm a huge fan of Peter Pan collars and belts. This bow belt red dress from is absolutely adorable, and -- as an extra plus -- it has sleeves. Wow, Kay, people must be thinking, Most people get excited about pockets... but not sleeves. That's weird. Okay, so... I have absolutely no dresses -- save one or two -- that have sleeves. But, hey, with cold weather ending, I probably won't need sleeved dresses for a while anyway!

Floral season is coming! Can you believe winter is already over and spring's begun? Well, I can believe it, even if the weather here is making it hard. This adorable floral print, skirted shirt would be perfect for the upcoming semi-warm weather. It'd be great for putting that little extra "warm weather" oomf in an outfit. You all will definitely be seeing more floral around these parts coming up -- floral is going to be my thing this year (not that it wasn't last year or anything).

So, did you find anything cool this week?
Fabulous dresses? Quirky jewelry? Bedazzled undergarments?

Mar 22, 2013


Motivation has not been on my side this week. I haven't done any outfit posts, I haven't taken many pictures, and I've just been tired... all... week. Probably cause there's been a lot of snow and cold weather. In March. During the first week of spring. Ugh. Oh well, this is the Midwest, so I should expect it by now. Anyway, most of my week was uneventful -- mostly filled with catching up on politics and putting my mind back into the Philosophical gear (which has been a smooth transition from Spring Break mush). Today was the first day I did much: Aaron and I's friend, Max, came over and we went to breakfast. Then we bought Les Mis (which came out today -- yay!) and The Hobbit. Had a movie evening. Was great. Along with that, the weather wasn't blistering cold -- although it was windy -- so I got to wear out my new shirt paired with my favorite striped skirt. I loved going outside and hanging out for a bit (with the crazy two -- Aaron and Max)!

Mar 18, 2013


Well, classes were back in session today! Fortunately or unfortunately, I'm not quite sure yet. I couldn't remember how to do a single problem in my Symbolic Logic class and I missed the majority of the Batman discussion in my Ethics class (I am so terribly sad about that -- I love comic books!). I wasn't in the best of moods today for two reasons: 1. I was terrified my car was going to break down mid-way to class (it was in the shop last week), and 2. I hadn't finished much homework over break. Kay, you don't finish much homework over normal weeks. Shoosh. I know! But, hey, I still have high marks, good enough for me. So, to make myself feel better today, I dressed in a striped skirt I haven't had the chance to wear yet, my pretty scarf (which I bunched up too high in these pictures, bleh), and a red cardi. I loved the look, mostly because it was really, really comfy. And I'm wearing the earrings my mom got me, which make me happy primarily because they're cute, but they also match my bird-mania! And... I'm all about bird-mania this lifetime.

Mar 17, 2013


So, apparently, no one knew it was St. Patrick's Day today. (And I only found out a few days ago from another blog, so...) I was the only individual wearing green at Aaron's Dad's birthday party. There was a lot of pinching going on. But, anyway, happy St. Patrick's Day! I wore some fantabulous green today with a pair of saddle-shoes and pink. Not a fancy outfit, and far from my favorite, but -- if anyone actually knew it was St. Patrick's Day -- it would've kept my off the serial pincher's list. 



I'll admit it: I'm a klutz with a sewing machine. I can blame it on my bad eyesight, or my shaky hands, or all other things, but -- in the end -- I'm just too impatient. Which is what was written on my freshmen year report card: "D, Too Impatient!". Ah, freshmen year sewing. That was the same year I accidentally glued my fingers together in class and had to go to the nurse's office to peel them apart! Fun times. Anyway, I got this frilly, cute shirt from Goodwill the other day and it has been a top priority. I think it's the perfect shirt to go under a cute dress, but it was just... too long, the buttons were bland, and it had this ridiculous tie in the back (see above). So, I decided to do some "style recycling" and fix it up. Here is a breakdown of what happened on this fine day (but I'll omit the images of bloody fingers... no one needs to see that).

Mar 15, 2013


So a bunch of crazy-awesome stuff happened today: I got the rest of all my camera stuff (and was finally able to use it -- at la-aaaaaaaa-ast!), I was able to see my little brother since he was here on his Spring Break, I was informed that my car is fixed (hot bananas!), and the weather was near-superb at fifty degrees. It was a pretty awesome day -- I did have a few semi-heart attacks, though. First off, I'm not particularly smooth at figuring things out, so I spent nearly two hours trying to figure out why my new camera -- a Nikon d70s -- wouldn't take pictures. Cause: I didn't screw the lens all the way on. Wow. Good going, Kay. You're the second-smartest crayon in the preschooler's crayola can. Yes, that was my brain. Criticizing me. Again. So, after that debacle, my grandmother (pictured above) and I went and picked up my two little brothers (shown below) for some breakfast/lunch and some fun camera time (well, that became my plan and I was yelled at numerous times to stop taking pictures of our food and just eat...).            

Mar 14, 2013


Today was a lazy Thursday full of cleaning and laundry (mostly cleaning that involved picking up all the clothes I have a tendency to pile up on the dresser... I need to learn to treat my clothes right!) and no pie (wrong kind of pi there, Kay) -- boo hoo. Even so, Aaron and I found the time to go take a walk, since the sun was out and the temperature was about forty-five. Not exactly seventy, but I'll take it as a step in the right direction! Actually, hot weather has always been a nightmare for me, mainly due to my skin disorder, but also because I love ice skating and sledding and watching snow fall as I drink hot cocoa and watch sappy love stories on TV. Summer weather just takes away a lot of the things I love (although sappy love stories can thrive without snow) -- but, alas, I'm sick of winter already. The snowfall I wanted never came, and we've just been left with cold weather and scattered blankets of white. Not exactly a very fruitful winter (although, I gather, most winters aren't "fruitful"). 

Yet, there's one thing about summer and warm weather that I do adore.

Mar 12, 2013


I've been obsessed with two-toned oxfords and tap-style shoes for a very long time. Recently, I've been on the hunt for a good pair of two-tones (black and white), but all the pairs I find online are extremely pricey (that's a given, though). To alleviate the burden on my wallet, I've started hunting the shoe aisle of my local Goodwill. I shared yesterday that I found quite a few items -- including a pair of shoes -- and the pair I found were the two-toned shoes I've been searching for! While they're a tad small with socks, wearing them barefoot works great! (They're a size 3 in men's/youth, so a size 5 in women's -- I'm a size 6.) But, like many Goodwill buys, these shoes needed some serious work. Here's what I did:


So, today is officially the first day of my college's spring break! This would be absolutely fantastic, if it weren't for the fact that... spring doesn't start for another week or two. Oh well. That just means Aaron and I have to be more creative in finding our little taste of "vacation". For day one of Spring Break (sounds like a bad war movie), we decided to do some shopping! (Or, well... I decided to do some shopping.) We started our day at Goodwill -- yippee! -- where I found a pair of two-toned oxfords and a high-collared poofy shirt (which I've been wanting). Spent $21. Gotta love Goodwill. Then we went to the mall that's about an hour or so away -- which is always a bad idea with us, because we're both directionally challenged, and I don't know if you know any directionally challenged individuals, but... traveling with them is no fun. We made it, though -- alive. And Aaron ended up finding this really cool vest and I got a new dress (pics coming soon -- duh!), necklace, scarf, and perfume. All but one thing I tried on had a bird print. Jeepers, I'm becoming obsessed! To top off the day, we went and saw Oz, The Great and Powerful, because Aaron is a huge Oz nut, which is fine by me -- it was a pretty good movie! I recommend it, just not in 3D. 

That was... not a great idea.

Mar 6, 2013


Yup, we got a little under twelve inches of snow last night (give or take in a few areas). Of course, as per usual, my town decided that a two hour delay would suffice, whilst all the other schools in the area were closed. (Alas, I'm not in high school anymore, so I'll say "so long" to snow days -- our school cancels every -- what? -- ten years? Even under two feet of snow.) Heck, we're all used to it already. Every citizen of the Midwest has a second job: driveway shovel-er and/or snow plower. For the amount of snow we got, I finally was able to wear my winter boots, which I've only worn twice this very dry winter. Due to their floral brown design, they're crazy hard to pair with anything, but I decided the chilly weather would give me an excuse if I was totally not matching. So, I paired the design with my stripey dress and a yellow cardi, along with some bunched tan socks on the boots. I think it looked okay, given the weather!

Mar 5, 2013


Your breath turns to steam in the frigid air, the snow falls in heavy blankets across the scenery, and you can hardly feel your fingers beneath three pairs of gloves. With a scene set-up like that, it's hard to imagine that spring is only two weeks away and summer only a few months down the line. When the news is telling you to stay in doors due to frigid temperatures and the radio is reporting a foot overnight -- well, I'm trying not to lose hope in spring skirts and coat-less days. Which brings me to nautical styles, which seem to be cropping up for popularity this year. I've seen these styles primarily on Modcloth, but I'm sure it won't end there. Above is a beautiful ship wheel necklace from Etsy, which I think would look adorable with a couple of other nautical-style accessories. Below are six of my favorites that I've pulled from Modcloth.

Mar 4, 2013


Hello again, blogworld -- I have not seen you since February! Over this past weekend I went on a trip to Indianapolis, Indiana, for the IUPUI "Last Chance" tournament. It was the first year they were offering our circuit form, so it was interesting. I hadn't debated in a while, though, so for the first two rounds I was wa-aaaa-ay too nervous and didn't do particularly well. But the last two rounds, I scored first and second on speaker rankings! (The majority of people reading this will have no idea at all what I'm talking about -- if you want to know, look up college parliamentary debate. Explaining it would take too long and you'd bawl with boredom, even though I can talk for hours about it!) So, we were in Indianapolis and the picture above is the view from my hotel window (which I could hardly look out, because I'm terrified of heights)! We were on the eighth floor of this hotel and the view was of the capitol building. Crazy awesome, right? Not only was the view great, so were the rooms -- so great, in fact, I pampered myself with a hot bath. Too bad we were only there for a night. So, I got myself a new suit for competitions, but I didn't have any time to take pictures of it! Darn. Instead, I took a bunch of blurry pictures (my camera isn't good without its tripod), so enjoy them instead: