Mar 17, 2013



I'll admit it: I'm a klutz with a sewing machine. I can blame it on my bad eyesight, or my shaky hands, or all other things, but -- in the end -- I'm just too impatient. Which is what was written on my freshmen year report card: "D, Too Impatient!". Ah, freshmen year sewing. That was the same year I accidentally glued my fingers together in class and had to go to the nurse's office to peel them apart! Fun times. Anyway, I got this frilly, cute shirt from Goodwill the other day and it has been a top priority. I think it's the perfect shirt to go under a cute dress, but it was just... too long, the buttons were bland, and it had this ridiculous tie in the back (see above). So, I decided to do some "style recycling" and fix it up. Here is a breakdown of what happened on this fine day (but I'll omit the images of bloody fingers... no one needs to see that).

1. How it originally looked. Long, lots of buttons, weird tie on the back. (Not comfortable length for a shorty like me.)
2. Hem the bottom, cut off the black tie. (Fun fact: I'm using an air hockey table to sew.)
3. Pinned up the bottom with my new colorful pins. 
4. SEWING. YEAH. SEWING. YEAH. I sewed down the bottom (sadly, I sewed it on backwards... the flipped hem is in the front... oh well) and the left over black pieces.
5. Done sewing, buttons are still bleh.
6. GOLD BUTTONS. Top three buttons and the buttons on the arms are both flat gold buttons (a la Walmart) and the bottom two (which will often be hidden by skirts or dresses) are just normal black buttons, but flat so they're not as easily seen as the big black ones that were originally there.

So, yup, this was my weekend project! Lots of fun, actually, even if my fingers hurt while typing this.
In the next few days, I'll update on how I'm wearing the dress (aka the after images).

Look forward to it!

So, did you do anything creative this weekend (so far)?
Some sewing? Painting? Shaving designs on the dog?

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