Mar 15, 2013


So a bunch of crazy-awesome stuff happened today: I got the rest of all my camera stuff (and was finally able to use it -- at la-aaaaaaaa-ast!), I was able to see my little brother since he was here on his Spring Break, I was informed that my car is fixed (hot bananas!), and the weather was near-superb at fifty degrees. It was a pretty awesome day -- I did have a few semi-heart attacks, though. First off, I'm not particularly smooth at figuring things out, so I spent nearly two hours trying to figure out why my new camera -- a Nikon d70s -- wouldn't take pictures. Cause: I didn't screw the lens all the way on. Wow. Good going, Kay. You're the second-smartest crayon in the preschooler's crayola can. Yes, that was my brain. Criticizing me. Again. So, after that debacle, my grandmother (pictured above) and I went and picked up my two little brothers (shown below) for some breakfast/lunch and some fun camera time (well, that became my plan and I was yelled at numerous times to stop taking pictures of our food and just eat...).            


"Don't ask me, I just work here." + "Before you ask, the answer is NO."
The restaurant had a sense of humor!

Waitress: Whip cream?
Me: DUH.

Stuffy French Toast with Strawberries! Yum!

The beautiful lake that we have a summer home on (we were doing a check-up on the house).

Above is my handsome baby brother, Sammy. Isn't he adorable!?

My other little brother, Lyphie! He's a pretty cool guy!

Pretty basket that I couldn't resist!

There's this little graveyard next to my uncle's house (where my brother is living) that was for the original inhabitants of the area. It's really pretty, kind of eerie with the snow, but really cool! 
Also, Lyphie made a snowman out of ice.

Yup, so that was my day! Not entirely eventful or fashion-related, but it was certainly fun!
Hope everyone had a great Friday!

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