Mar 5, 2013


Your breath turns to steam in the frigid air, the snow falls in heavy blankets across the scenery, and you can hardly feel your fingers beneath three pairs of gloves. With a scene set-up like that, it's hard to imagine that spring is only two weeks away and summer only a few months down the line. When the news is telling you to stay in doors due to frigid temperatures and the radio is reporting a foot overnight -- well, I'm trying not to lose hope in spring skirts and coat-less days. Which brings me to nautical styles, which seem to be cropping up for popularity this year. I've seen these styles primarily on Modcloth, but I'm sure it won't end there. Above is a beautiful ship wheel necklace from Etsy, which I think would look adorable with a couple of other nautical-style accessories. Below are six of my favorites that I've pulled from Modcloth.

The above is the Sea Shanty Singing Dress from Modcloth and it's an adorable creation with sailor uniform inspiration. I think the colors are a beautiful contrast and go so well together. I'd love to see this with some brown vintage shoes and rolled down black socks with a dark navy cardigan. 

I can't think of anything more iconic for the nautical look than the octopus and who wouldn't want this adorable My Pet Octopus Cuff from Modcloth? It would look adorable with most any outfit due to its silver look, but could spice up any nautical-themed attire coming this spring! (I would love to pair it with a black skirt and feminine top with a green tie.)

This Sail Through My Dreams Top would look absolutely phenomenal with either a pair of dark skinny jeans with a high waist or a high skirt (maybe striped skirt!). I would love to have this shirt and figure out all the versatile ways it can be worn! 

The How Striped Is Now? Bag from Modcloth could be a punk rock accessory or a sailing girl's beach bag -- all in all, the iconic striped look for the nautical theme is most certainly there! This bag would be great to pair with a nautical dress or even a vintage pin-up bathing suit! 

While the Delight of my Life Dress is a much less creative look all-in-all for the nautical look (compared to the blush Sea Shanty dress), it is probably one of the easier ones to dress up or down, with the usual white and dark navy of a usual nautical uniform. Like the shanty dress, it would look great with some vintage shoes and bunched socks, but it could also look great with socks and a cardie -- this is a dress that could stretch between seasons for sure!

While I'm not a wedge girl, these Mapmaking Your Move Wedges are absolutely adorable for a nautical theme -- the map look! With some high-waisted dark skinnies and a black and yellow (or white and yellow) nautical top, these could look killer! I definitely love me some maps and incorporating maps into style is definitely something I can get behind!

So, those are a few nautical looks that I've been eyeing at for the coming spring season! 
I'm definitely going to have to buy a few nautical looks for my wardrobe -- hey, the water looks fine!

What new themes are you seeing coming up this spring? 
Anything you're particularly excited about?

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