Mar 12, 2013


I've been obsessed with two-toned oxfords and tap-style shoes for a very long time. Recently, I've been on the hunt for a good pair of two-tones (black and white), but all the pairs I find online are extremely pricey (that's a given, though). To alleviate the burden on my wallet, I've started hunting the shoe aisle of my local Goodwill. I shared yesterday that I found quite a few items -- including a pair of shoes -- and the pair I found were the two-toned shoes I've been searching for! While they're a tad small with socks, wearing them barefoot works great! (They're a size 3 in men's/youth, so a size 5 in women's -- I'm a size 6.) But, like many Goodwill buys, these shoes needed some serious work. Here's what I did:

Here's the before of the shoes (with the laces out):

Here's the after image with the new laces (plus washed):

I decided the best way to make these shoes better (and less childish/masculine, which is what the thick white laces did to them) was to give them a pop of color -- and, believe me, I did! The pink shoelaces came with one of my pairs of lace-up high heels and they've finally get put to use! Unfortunately, to make them fit the shoes length-wise, I had to shorten the laces by cutting them. In the future, I'm going to add wax around the ends, but -- for now -- they look like they'll hold up. So, it took me a couple of tries to get the laces flat, but I think I managed! These shoes are definitely going to show up often on here!

What gems have you found at stores like Goodwill?
Anything exciting? Awesome? Gosh darn hilarious?

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