Mar 14, 2013


Today was a lazy Thursday full of cleaning and laundry (mostly cleaning that involved picking up all the clothes I have a tendency to pile up on the dresser... I need to learn to treat my clothes right!) and no pie (wrong kind of pi there, Kay) -- boo hoo. Even so, Aaron and I found the time to go take a walk, since the sun was out and the temperature was about forty-five. Not exactly seventy, but I'll take it as a step in the right direction! Actually, hot weather has always been a nightmare for me, mainly due to my skin disorder, but also because I love ice skating and sledding and watching snow fall as I drink hot cocoa and watch sappy love stories on TV. Summer weather just takes away a lot of the things I love (although sappy love stories can thrive without snow) -- but, alas, I'm sick of winter already. The snowfall I wanted never came, and we've just been left with cold weather and scattered blankets of white. Not exactly a very fruitful winter (although, I gather, most winters aren't "fruitful"). 

Yet, there's one thing about summer and warm weather that I do adore.

Coat-less days. Seriously, wearing a coat is not something I'm extremely fond of, although I do love the coats I own. And, hey, no boots! I'm missing sandals and heels and days without tights, where I can throw on a dress and shoes and go (I say that, but getting ready for me takes a good chunk of the morning). Those are things I miss every winter and can't wait to get back as summer inches closer! But, alas, that weather isn't here yet, so I still have to make my outfits warmer. Today I wore the cute blue-green dress I got from Rue21 on Tuesday, along with a pair of shoes and a hat that I haven't worn in a while! I'm quite pleased with this outfit and it was fun to wear on a walk to the local corner store to get some Easter candy! Not to mention, Aaron let me take fashion pictures of him too! (But he wouldn't take off the hat... his ears were bright red from the cold. Ha.)

Vest: Rue21; Shirt, Pants: Pacsun; Shoes: TOMS (similar); Hat: American Eagle

Yes, he is wearing a vest with a hood. He looks great in vests and bow ties, I've been trying to make him wear them more often. Ha ha. The vest-hood thing was a compromise. Now I got him wearing vests! Yay!

Necklace, Dress+Belt: Rue 21 (dressnecklace); Shoes: thrifted; Sweater: Grane/thrifted; Hat: F21; Earrings: unknown

Not only did we dress up like dorks to go for a twenty minute walk, I also lugged around my camera and took a bajillion (okay, seventy) pictures of nature along the way. These were all taken with my current camera, a Kodak P&S, but this'll probably be about the last time. I just received my new Nikon d70s body in the mail and am just waiting on the lens! I'm really excited! But, check out my favorite photos from our walk today:

The edge of the road was covered in deer tracks! 

So, my Spring Break is nearing its end and the long (2 month) wait for summer begins.
What things are you excited to do come warm weather?
Will you be lugging around your camera, too? 

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  1. great outfits here - i love your dress. thanks for following on bloglovin :)


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