Mar 31, 2013


It's Easter -- the day for egg hunts, candy, and yummy meals (anything except ham, please -- yuck). I'm not going to take up too much of your precious time on this day of festivities, but here's my Easter Day outfit. I chose bright colors to compliment the day -- and, look, I've got an egg... which isn't painted... and I just pulled it out of the fridge. My bad. I haven't painted eggs in years, sadly. Enjoy.

Dress: AmRag (old); Earrings, necklace: gifts; Shoes: Ollio (here); Headband, cardi, belt: Charlotte Russe 

There, some kisses for all of you! 
(Dark chocolate, too, yum!)

I hope all your festivities are going well!
And thanks for stopping by on such a busy day!

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