Apr 2, 2013


Multiple days of Easter for me -- well, Saturday and Sunday. Happens every year. On Easter Sunday, anyway, I was at Aaron's grandparent's Easter celebration and then later spent it at my own grandmother's. Here's a little recap of the afternoon at Aaron's grandparents (which was pretty gosh darn fun -- wish I didn't wear heels!).

So that the adults could hide Easter eggs, a group of us took the kids on a nature walk to this sand pit. 
The dirt and sand that had been removed from it was used for the houses down the street.
Anyway, we found this old tire and... well... you get the picture (literally).
(No one was hurt, I can assure you that -- a few bumps and bruises is all.)

See? Look how excited they are!

Also, in memory of my babcia (that's grandmother, even though she was my great-grandmother),
I want to share this image: 

That's her, her mother, and her siblings (she's the one in the far left with the bobbed hair). 
I remember her fondly every year, because she used to have this lamb cake (this) every Easter.
And we swore it was the same cake every. Single. Year.
No one ever ate it. It was just there.

Next Easter, I want to try doing eggs with wax! It's a Polish thing.

Oh, and this picture:

That's my mother, on the top right in the red. 
Next to her is my aunt and below are my uncles. 
They're pretty cool!
I'm sure if I'd had long hair at that age, I'd have looked just like her!

I hope all of your Easters were awesome and special and full of love!
And all that other sappy stuff. 

I made this. Enjoy.

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