Apr 18, 2013


Not only did it pour down rain today --
a day I was really eager to take outfit pictures on --
my bad luck was multiplied by a hundred 
when my laptop decided it was its time 
and... well, died. 

I am typing this from Aaron's laptop,
and, unfortunately, I had to edit pictures of the rainfall
on his laptop, too (which has lame-photoshop-version).
(And, yes, I'm calling it lame because I'm a wee bit peeved
that my laptop died on me a week before finals --
grouchy Kay throwing a tantrum.)

Thanks goodness he had a transfer cable,
otherwise I'd be rewriting all my finals right now.

So, I might not be posting many posts in the next few weeks.
Which makes me really sad, because I've come to love taking pictures,
editing them, and then sharing them with you guys!
(Along with reading other people's blogs!)

So, I'll try and either 
a) fix, or b) find a new
laptop as soon as possible to get back to blogging 
(and doing my wonderful finals...)
(and reading all the wonderful blogs...)

Hope everyone is having a better week than I am!
(That phrase seems to pop up far too often here.)

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