Apr 5, 2013


As interesting days go, this Friday has been very interesting. Max, Aaron, and I went and picked up my brother, Lyphie, and went to the mall for a bit (I got an awesome bird-print dress, but more about that some other day) before going to see the new Evil Dead. Guys. Guys. I am a big fan of the original Evil Dead films. I grew up on them. In my family, they were more iconic and nostalgic than any Christmas film (other Sowka-family-Nostalgia-films: Labyrinth with David Bowie, Troll, Yellow Submarine, Night of the Living Dead, and any pre-90s zombie flick). The new one is awesome and I loved it. It's horrifying in the way that Campbell always wanted it, but quite funny in the spirit of the original three. It made us laugh, cringe, shake our heads, and cover our eyes. It was excellent as a horror flick! I would recommend it 100%, especially for the essential plot twist that makes this a stand-out compared to the originals (which is fine by me -- I didn't want a complete reboot!). Go see it! Seriously!

Outfit-wise, I've been seeing people tying these shirts at the waist recently and really wanted to try it out. I got the chance today when I put on my geometric shapes dress and really wanted to pair it casually with this shirt. It worked! Love it! I paired it with my flower necklace, wood bird earrings, a pale pink bracelet, and my TOMS pomegranate purple shoes (my favorite food is a pomegranate -- which is why I have these)! 

Yes, I'm in a graveyard, if anyone is wondering.
It's the old "founders graveyard" next to my uncle's house (where Lyphie lives).
It's the graves of all the original inhabitants of the lake area.
(I think I may have posted pictures of it once before here.)

Pantyhose totally ripped. Don't make fun of me.

The graves in the fenced-in plot are all really well taken care of.
All the other graves are broken and yellowed --
but these ones are like pearly white teeth. 

Dress: Francesca's; Shoes: TOMS; Shirt: Target; Necklace: Rue21; Earrings: hand-me-downs; Hat: Forever 21

Today was such a beautiful day and we had loads of fun! 
Did you see any fabulous movies lately? Any that made you too scared to look?

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