Mar 23, 2013


Found these lovely re-purposed collar (and/or cardigan) clips at Rebeccas Finds on Etsy. I've been dying for some collar clips like these. I have so many collared shirts that just look bleh and really need something. Collar clips just might be the way to go! I'm definitely going to get myself some of these (especially leaf-shaped ones!) in time for summer!

Ah, the joys of surfing Anthropologie, where I can find things -- like this swimsuit -- that will most likely be far beyond my price range (or size), but, still, I dream of owning them. I do have a swimsuit similar to this one -- the Bathing Beauty One Piece in Wine from Modcloth -- but, of course, I'm still searching for a swimsuit that fits me just a tad better. One pieces never really fit me well, but that's what makes finding the perfect one (that does fit better than well) feel so great!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but I'm moving come May (or June) and have been eyeing bedroom accessories and things. I'm absolutely in love with this Blue Otomi Bedspread that I found on a few weeks ago, even if it is so beyond my price range... it's not even funny! I'm definitely on the look out for something interesting and unique, with abstract animal prints. (Ikea might be my best bet for such a specific look, though!)

Just looking at this blog for a few seconds could tell anyone that I'm absolutely obsessed with dresses. Not only that, I'm a huge fan of Peter Pan collars and belts. This bow belt red dress from is absolutely adorable, and -- as an extra plus -- it has sleeves. Wow, Kay, people must be thinking, Most people get excited about pockets... but not sleeves. That's weird. Okay, so... I have absolutely no dresses -- save one or two -- that have sleeves. But, hey, with cold weather ending, I probably won't need sleeved dresses for a while anyway!

Floral season is coming! Can you believe winter is already over and spring's begun? Well, I can believe it, even if the weather here is making it hard. This adorable floral print, skirted shirt would be perfect for the upcoming semi-warm weather. It'd be great for putting that little extra "warm weather" oomf in an outfit. You all will definitely be seeing more floral around these parts coming up -- floral is going to be my thing this year (not that it wasn't last year or anything).

So, did you find anything cool this week?
Fabulous dresses? Quirky jewelry? Bedazzled undergarments?

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