Mar 22, 2013


Motivation has not been on my side this week. I haven't done any outfit posts, I haven't taken many pictures, and I've just been tired... all... week. Probably cause there's been a lot of snow and cold weather. In March. During the first week of spring. Ugh. Oh well, this is the Midwest, so I should expect it by now. Anyway, most of my week was uneventful -- mostly filled with catching up on politics and putting my mind back into the Philosophical gear (which has been a smooth transition from Spring Break mush). Today was the first day I did much: Aaron and I's friend, Max, came over and we went to breakfast. Then we bought Les Mis (which came out today -- yay!) and The Hobbit. Had a movie evening. Was great. Along with that, the weather wasn't blistering cold -- although it was windy -- so I got to wear out my new shirt paired with my favorite striped skirt. I loved going outside and hanging out for a bit (with the crazy two -- Aaron and Max)!

Shirt: Target (here); Skirt: JC Penney (old); Shoes, buttons(hat): thrifted; Bracelet, hat: hand-me-down

Oh, and here's a picture of the terrible duo (Aaron and Max), goofing off.
Ain't they cute?

So, did you all have a good week? 
I hope you weren't as lazy as me!

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