May 10, 2013


The above delightful creature scared me half to death --
I didn't realize he was staring at the back of my head
(from, like, a foot away and behind a wall)!

So, anyway, I love birds, if you couldn't tell already.
But zoo birds are a totally different story --
I don't know if they freak me out or if I love them.
(Especially the peacocks, which run around all wild-like.)

Here are some bird pictures!

I wish I could sit like that.

That group was having a loud squabble --
my tour group turned around to look, because they were so loud.
Don't know what they were fighting over,
but, golly, were they mad!

This is an ibis and, at least at this zoo, they are great friends with one of the primates --
so, instead of having their own exhibit, they stay in the primates' exhibit.
I think that's super cool, making friends and all.

(The tour guide said that, sometimes, animals just click
and it's better not to separate them!)

See the crane's chick? So cute!

Anyway, those were the fabulous birds I saw at the zoo
(besides a cardinal -- but that's common around these parts!).

I've always wondered: how do they keep track of the peacocks?
Do the peacocks lay eggs? Do they run wild even at night?
Is there any "Peacock Regulations"?

Just... how do they keep track of them?

If anyone knows the answers -- please, let me know!

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  1. Oooh, love the flamingos and the peacock! They're such beautiful creatures!
    Sincerely, Sara


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