May 12, 2013


I've finally started settling down in my new apartment and new town (I'll call it Btown)! I got this nifty little apartment with my mother, her boyfriend, and my little brother Sammy (he's seven). The place is huge. Five or six bedrooms, big kitchen, two bathrooms, and the magnificent porch above (which is gorgeous, I love it, and it looks fantastic in pictures, right?). Other than that, I started my new job. I work in a factory making catheters, but it's actually not bad. I sit at a counter for about eight hours listening to books on tape (currently on The Shipbreaker) and working. It's not bad. I did have a ton of blisters, cuts, and burns on my hands this week, but hopefully I'll just get used to it and it won't be so bad! Having quite a bit of fun in Btown, getting to see my old friends (I attended one of the high schools here for a year and a half, but ended up moving back home before my Senior year) and hanging out. 

This outfit was from last weekend. It was the last of the outfit pictures taken by Aaron. He went back home Monday (which is five hours away), which is sad, but it'll be just fine! We went to see Oblivion (which I really recommend, I loved it!) and I wore this: a polka-dot skirt with a red sweater over a white shirt and my favorite thrifted shoes! 

I got three sets of earrings from Aaron's grandmother
before I left --
they were hand-made by her friend.
I love them!

(Not like you guys haven't seen these shoes a million times!)

Skirt, Sweater: Forever 21; Shirt: The Limited; Jewelry: Gift; Shoes: Thrifted/Goodwill

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!
Thanks for reading!

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