May 1, 2013


Our main goal at the zoo the other day was to study primates, because Aaron's in an anthropology class and this is his extra credit. (Can I just say... BEST EXTRA CREDIT EVER! Why does he get all the cool classes?) So, this whole post will be all primates, primarily because I had to stand around watching Tamarin's for an hour so he could study them, but oh well. They're awesome and adorable and super cool (and I chose them as his assignment, so, whatever!) 

Enjoy these cuties!

Thankfully it was feeding time when we came to the zoo,
so all the animals were really active!

I swear the Tamarin in the back is judging that one.
Look at that judging face. Just look at it.
Oozing with judgement.

These two are brother and sister! 
They were little models, everyone was snapping pictures.

These two lemurs are about fifteen years old.
Our tour guide called them "the old people".
They just sat around, but they were super cute!

Crazy running White-Face (something)!
These guys were so hard to take pictures of.

Alex the Chimpanzee! Him and his exhibit mate, Babyface, were hard to take pictures of.
They were behind this really thick glass that glinted really bad in the sun.
But I got a few decent pictures! 

Also, when we were up there and all the people from class were crowding around the window,
he came up and jumped at the window. 
People screamed.
It was hilarious.

I called these guys skunk monkeys, even though that's not their name.
Super cool, although the female is sick (the one laying down).
She caught a disease from raccoon feces,
because raccoon's used to climb on top of the cages.
They have electric wire up now to keep them off.

Anyway, those are the primates!
I'll be back tomorrow with some other interesting critters!
(I sound like a news anchor!)

What are your favorite animals to see at the zoo?

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