May 20, 2013


"You don't love seasons, you just love the idea of seasons." 

I think that just about sums up how I feel about seasons, primarily winter and summer. When it's cold out, I love the idea of summer. When it's hot out, I love the idea of winter. Although, I must admit, snow always makes me rather giddy, unfortunately... it's 90 degrees out right now, on a near-daily basis, and there's little to no sign of snow. Hot weather doesn't really motivate me, either -- it just makes me lazy, tired, depressed, and hot. I'm one of those people that could overheat on a 60 degree cloudy day... yup, that's me! So, anyway, the weather is hot and I'm just lacking any and all motivation to dress up in the mornings (the five o'clock alarm doesn't help either, clearly) nor to really take pictures of people. That's my little summary of why I've been lacking in outfit posts lately -- laziness. Sad, but true. Sorry! 

So, I finally got some motivation back on Saturday, which happens from time to time. Especially on the weekends or when I get off work (or when I'm hanging out with my best friend). I chose to go out that day in my new bird dress (worn only once, just a tad too big for me because clearly there is a secret tribe of women out there with itty-bitty waists and gigantic chests that shop at Forever 21 so often, the store must cater to their every need, but I digress), my tie-neck white shirt, and my new pointy black vintage shoes (which I bought that very day and switched into, because they're adorable). 

Look at them red cheeks --
clearly I was overheating in the weather.
(Heck, it was probably just above 0,
I would still overheat. Oh, me.)

If you can ignore the state of my legs for a five minutes,
you can see how utterly awesome these shoes are. Right?

Dress: Forever 21; Belt: Rue21; Shirt: The Limited; Shoes: thrifted/vintage

So, I hope everyone had a great weekend
and I hope this week is going to be tres awesome!

So, do you guys get crazy red cheeks in the heat?
How do you get that stuff to go away!? 
Cause I really need your wisdom!

* Pictures taken by my mother.
(She's still figuring things out.)

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