May 8, 2013


On the last day of classes, Aaron had to be in a debate. 
Along with that, he had to dress "professionally" --
we came up with this shirt and pants 
and he added in the hat, because he knows I like it.

Unfortunately, his color of choice was black...
and the 40 degree weather we'd had all week...
suddenly turned into 80. 

The poor guy was clearly melting,
but the outfit still looked good!

Obviously the face of pure agony.

Clothes: No idea; Shoes: TOMS

I'm 99% sure he wanted to jump in the above fountain by the time we left --
I know I did. And I have chronic heat stroke every time the temperature hits 50.

How do you stay cool on hot days?
Light colors? Cut-offs? Refrigerators? 

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  1. I'm all about breezy skirts and dresses for hot days!


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