May 4, 2013


Wednesday was my last day ever at my current college --
next year, I'll start at the main campus. 
Although it's exciting, it's also a little sad --
I would've shed a tear, if I hadn't seen three others doing the same thing in the hall
(over finals, no doubt). 

Thankfully, my last day on campus was in the 80's
and, while I did get heat stroke, it was still beautiful out!

I hope everyone else is getting some great weather!
(Whatever that may mean to you!)

Also, on another topic, for the next week or so, 
I'll be in the middle of my move -- zoo posts will take up most of the time.
I'll have some moving updates on here soon!
(With some interesting stuff, I hope!)

Thanks for visiting!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely pictures! I'm so happy that flowers are springing up everywhere! It seems like the world turned green overnight!


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