May 11, 2013


Ah, warthogs. The Phantoms of the animal kingdom --
the maskless wielders of the ugly stick. 

I, personally, think warthogs are really, really cool.
Especially the way they sit on their knees to snort around in the dirt.
And that long, luscious back hair. Braid-worthy.

But, in all seriousness: warthogs are cool.
As are the other zoo mammals -- check 'em out!

What did I say about the knee thing?

These prairie dogs were just being fed --
they were yippin' and squackin' all over the place!
They'd jump in the air on their hind legs
and squeal. It was adorable!

I forgot what these guys are called, but they're pretty much pigs with quills.

Lions and tigers -- oh my! (But, apparently, no bears!)

Loved the camels! Really pretty!
Aaron was just like, "Them floppy humps."
Way to ruin the moment.

Caps lock gets my point across better, right?

These guys are Takins. The one at the front, I believe, is Kong,
and the one right behind is Mulan --
they just had a baby!
See him in the back? 
The zoo was holding a contest to name him! 

Anyway, the above guys were super cool!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for visiting!

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  1. Your blog is adorable! Also I love your style!! Can't wait to read future posts! ❤


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