Feb 28, 2013

Frostbite and mid-terms

First and foremost: this is the least appropriate dress to wear when there is snow on the ground and a -5 windchill. Yet, it worked well with tights, scarf, and a cardigan (there's also a belt buried in there somewhere, but it was too cold to take off my coat today)! I dressed up to do errands today which mostly consisted of going grocery shopping and finishing up an application for a summer job in the town I'm moving to this summer. Hate it, but have to do it, right? So, while I was waiting for some people to get back to me on being references, I decided to go out into my grandmother's backyard (she has a computer scanner) and do some pictures. It was cold, but really pretty. There had just been a light snowfall and it was clinging to the grass and trees, and the neighbor's three little girls were outside playing. You could hear them laughing from across the cornfield. While I was out there, I could see dark clouds coming toward our area -- the air beneath it was fuzzy and, as it got closer, I realized it was snowfall. It was really cool! 

Coat: Pink Envelope
Dress: old Billabong (similar)
Scarf: Farmers' Market
Tights: Walmart
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Modcloth (from here)
Boots: Modcloth
Hat: Goodwill
Earrings: Cactus Flower (talked about here)

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