Feb 21, 2013


Well, I’m still sick as a dog! (I've never understood that expression.)

Hence, no fashion photos tonight either. Sad, I know. So, instead, I've scrounged up some of my “cool finds” (aka wish list) items that have a common theme going on. They’re all related to one of my favorite non-human creatures -- birds! While not my all-time favorite animal (that spot is tied between sloths and cats), they have a very special place in my heart and a very special place as number two on my very extensive, often-changing favorites list. So, here are seven bird-inspired items that I've been dying to have, and which I hope you all find just as smashing! 

1. Cute bird-inspired dress from Modcloth. This is definitely a great spring and summer go-to and would look splendid with a pair of yellow or turquoise heels!

2. Adorable bird purse from Etsy. The texture looks so soft, the bird design blends in so well, and I absolutely love the Thumbelina-esque button on the front. (I just love large buttons!)

3. Bird bobby pin from Etsy. Even though I barely have any hair (usually, I really, really need a haircut), I’d just love to pin back my bangs with this little number. It’s adorable!

4. Bird studs from Etsy. They’re small, but perfect for those days when large, dangling earrings just won’t cut it in appropriateness. I need to get me a pair of these for when I’m not allowed to wear big, noticeable earrings (tournaments!). And, as a plus, they aren't the cartoon-like designs found on most bird-inspired items!

5. Beautiful yellow bird/tree wallet from Etsy. I like yellow, I love birds, and I love trees. What more could I ask for? This is a beautiful, soft wallet design. I've been eyeing it for a while… alas, though, I have to wait till my current hedgehog wallet expires.

6. Bird-inspired feather belt from Ruche. Beautiful soft green belt with a silver feather on the clasp. This would look wonderful with a little yellow or white dress in the coming warm months. (Green and yellow are certainly colors I love putting together, at least in moderation!)

7. Etsy bird necklace! First, I love it because it’s a non-cartoony bird design. Second, the design of the clasps on it is really cool! Do you see where the clasp is? It’s on the front -- flawlessly hidden in the design! And, if you’re like me, this is a serious win in the battle against “boob slips”!

These were just a few of the bird-inspired items I’ve been eyeing. Hopefully I’ll be able to add a few bird items to my wardrobe in time for spring! So, what kind of creatures do you work into your wardrobe?

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