Feb 20, 2013


Picture of the snow on campus, since it's dark when I get home usually!
Remember those "nasty yard puddles" I was talking about the other day? Well, here's an update: nasty yard puddles have evolved into full-blown snow fall and snow-covered roads. Geez, Punxsutawny Phil, I thought you predicted an early spring. Did you lie to us all? At least, all of us up here in the North? (Wouldn't be the first time we've been lied to -- aka "Welcome to the North, where the forecasts are made up and the seasons don't matter"... yeah, I stole that from a funny Facebook picture.)
Anyway, I'm pretty ill at the moment, so no fashion updates tonight (I really need to start doing morning updates... but I've been having issues waking up since... well, since I started this blog). Instead, enjoy a song that I've been listening to non-stop for the past few days! The Civil War's "Tip of my Tongue" -- works well with the current weather we're having.

Stay warm!

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