Feb 15, 2013


The metal slabs of the pier crackled and snapped beneath our feet as we stepped out upon the water. An icy gust whistled across the expanse, making our eyes water and our fingers miss the shutter key. Ghostly memories of mirror-still water and tired fishermen -- their boats bobbing lazily in the reeds -- drift through our minds like afterimages. Our little pier sits alone -- now too frozen to dismantle by people that were too busy to care.

That was our backdrop for pictures this evening. 

This was probably one of the laziest Fridays I’ve had in a while. My sleep schedule got all out of whack last night after sleeping for around five hours after the movies -- that was a bad idea. So, in a rush to make it down to the pier for the last of the sunlight (which I’ve heard called the best light for pictures), I ended up in a thin coat and my partner was wearing pajamas still. Goodness. I quite enjoyed putting this outfit together, though. The dress was from yesterday’s shopping trip, but I added the top for warmth (which it didn’t really give any, but oh well) and tucked it into my belt to accentuate the collar and waist. Makes your legs look longer, which is wonderful for short people like me! Anyway, if you’re in a cold area like I am -- get inside, make some hot chocolate, curl up with a good movie, and pretend you’re hibernating.

Cause that’s my plan for the rest of the evening!

Boots: Modcloth
Dress: Charlotte Russe 
Belt: Modcloth ¹
Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters (Goodwill)
Hair band: Pacsun
Earrings: Cactus Flower ²

1. It's out of stock (although on Mod, you can get them to restock it), BUT they have it in redblueblack, and green. They're beautiful, but will only fit on your hips if you're small. Mine has to be safety pinned in the back to be worn higher (like in the pictures above).
2. If you like the earrings (they are fake gauges -- I did have my ears gauged, but my skin lacks elasticity due to a skin disorder), there are many pairs at Etsy. I am a big fan of wood and bone!

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