Feb 14, 2013


Yes, that is my blue Volkswagen Jetta. I call her The Blue Meanie. Reference, anyone? 
Happy Valentine’s Day! While there’s a lot of festive holidays that I quite enjoy -- Christmas being one of them -- Valentine’s Day is probably the one that feels most nostalgic, and the one I kind of miss. It makes me miss elementary school, especially third grade. Back then, our teacher would hand out brightly colored printer paper -- the kind that are connected and folded into long sheets -- and we would cut out heart shapes, trying to get it so if we unraveled the paper, it would be one long festive spool of hearts (or blobby circles, which is what mine always looked like -- I had shaky hands). I also was one of the kids that went all out on Valentine’s Day with handmade TMNT valentines (couldn’t find those anywhere!) and home-made cupcakes or cookies. Why can’t we grown-ups hand out Valentine’s Day cards like that anymore? Why can’t my college classes put out little baggies so we can collect valentine cards? I saw some Transformers valentines that would've been awesome to hand out! Too bad. Maybe I'll do it next year just for fun. 

Instead, though, I spent the day waiting for my partner to get out of class so we could go do our Valentine plan -- which mostly amounted to shopping (I actually got him into Bath & Body works, because I have a $50 card I really needed to spend), Applebee’s, and seeing the movie Warm Bodies (I loved the book and the movie followed pretty well. Less death, though.). We also became a lucky couple at Applebee’s when half the restaurant noticed that my partner went out to the car to get me my sweater (I’d taken it off for pictures at the mall). Hence, $10 off our next meal. Pretty awesome. I had a pretty fabulous day, especially since I found some great, inexpensive pieces on our shopping trip (which I’m sure will show up in later posts). Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Boots: Modcloth
Dress: Delia's (old)
Coat: Pink Envelope ¹
Shirt: JC Penney
Earrings: Cactus Flower ²
Etc: Walmart and/or Target

1. This was a Christmas present, so all I have to go by is the label, which says "Pink Envelope". 
2. Cactus Flower is a cute little shop in Bloomington, IN, that I discovered quite a few years back. I might talk about them in a later post, but they're great in person... their website is a little lacking, though, which is why I don't have a direct link to the earrings. 

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