Feb 12, 2013


Boots: Modcloth (Seychelles)

Brrrrrrr. It's cold outside.
The snow is newly melted, but that doesn't make the air any less frigid -- it just means there's more miniature ice rinks for me to slip on littered across our driveway. So, in lieu of the weather, I think it's only fitting that my first post on my new personal style blog includes a picture my favorite "winter" (I use the term lightly) boots and a little introduction:

My name is Kay and I'm a twenty year old Philosophy and English student (goal: law school). I'm 5'1" and my fashion sense is often called rather eclectic -- I'm partial to boots and dresses, though. My interests include fashion, comic books, reading and writing, premiere night movie releases, photography (returning to an old hobby here!), and sunflower seeds. 

I'm so excited to finely start this blog and can't wait to meet other fashion-lovers out there!

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